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Mother Arrested for Defending Son Against Antigay Bullying

Jamie Rathburn
Screenshot Fox 2 KTVU

Other students allegedly called the child gay and pushed him off playground equipment and currently face no punishment.

Police arrested a South Carolina mother who defended her child from was bullied and called gay in school.

Jamie Rathburn told TV station KTVU her child faced constant abuse.

"He was told that he was ugly, that he was stupid, nobody cared, and he was called gay, he was cussed out, and when he reported those things he was told to ignore it."

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office reported she came onto the Greenbrier Elementary School campus without permission and confronted a group of children in a third-grade classroom in a threatening manner.

Greeville County School District spokeswoman Beth Brotherton defended the arrest of Rathburn.

"Maybe in her mind she was going there to confront a bully or a couple of children, but in not knowing who those were and choosing to yell at dozens of innocent kids, there is nothing appropriate about yelling at other people's children's in a school setting after you've snuck in illegally," Brotherton said.

But district officials said it was other parents who called police, not the school.

Rathburn said she knew exactly who was bullying her son and nothing was being done about it by school administration. That's despite her child coming home with bruises and scratch marks on his neck. The child told his mother he was pushed off a ladder at the school playground and had been with a computer.

While Rathburn apologized for going on campus and confronting students, she maintains that she was fed up with the treatment her son faced and the school administration's failure to address it.

She said her son had been isolated in class from other students, supposedly for his own protection. But the mother considered the solitary act a retaliation by the school on the mother for making complaints.

"I understand what I did was wrong. Like I said, I don't condone it. I don't recommend it. I wish I could change it," Rathburn said. "I can't change it though, the only thing I can do is apologize, because that is sincere, and try to push forward and put the spotlight on what the real issues are, and that's bullying."

Brotherton said the mother won't be allowed on campus until the end of the year, and faces trespass charges if she tries to set foot there.

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