Though we had spoken over the phone and exchanged e-mails in the days leading up to our interview, Scott Moore sounds confused when I reach him at home on a recent Friday afternoon. “Now, where are you calling from again?” he asks. It’s easy to imagine why he might not be able to keep all the media calls straight. Not only is Moore 7½ months pregnant—something that could scramble any first-time parent’s brain—but the 20-year-old Northern California college student has just been anointed by the press as the world’s second pregnant man, causing an avalanche of attention from national and foreign media outlets. Earlier in the week a representative from a daytime talk show rang his doorbell and delivered a Mexican pizza, complete with a congratulatory note. “It is getting crazy around here!” he says.

What isn’t crazy to Moore and his husband, Thomas Moore, is the pregnancy itself. “Thomas Beatie is not the first, and we’re not the last,” he says plainly, referring to the media blitz over Beatie in 2008. “It’s not that uncommon, it’s just not talked about.” Helping to make trans male pregnancy an unremarkable occurrence was a factor in Moore’s decision to come out, which he did in a January interview with Closer, a U.K. women’s magazine, after he had posted a video about his experience on YouTube. “A lot of ground hasn’t been broken yet,” Moore says. “People’s eyes need to be opened.”

Moore has been opening eyes since he was just a child. Born biologically female (he asked that his birth name not be used), Moore knew he was different from an early age. “When I was very young, I didn’t even notice a difference between male and female,” he recalls. “But as soon as I hit puberty, I realized that I wasn’t going to be what I thought I was.” Moore came out to his parents as transgender at age 15, and after an initial bout of shock and confusion, they helped him begin his gender transition. He started taking testosterone, began using male pronouns, and changed his name. Soon his voice dropped and he grew facial hair. When he was 17 he underwent a double mastectomy and chest reconstruction surgery. Childbearing certainly wasn’t part of his life plan.