Ali Larter Wants You

Whether she's wearing whipped cream or alternating personalities, you can't take your eyes off Heroes star Ali Larter. Now, she's joining the ranks of legendary femme fatales, kicking ass opposite Beyoncé in Obsessed .




Did you watch a lot of those performances?

I didn't, but for me, I got into this business because of

Because of

. Because of these incredible femme fatales. I love complex
women. I love maneaters. It's so fun. For this movie, it was
exciting to get to play that strong, female archetype.

Well, and you play that some on

-- I love that your alter ego has to deal with all of this bad
stuff that your regular character can't cope with.

I know. My shadow side.


, you're stripping for people on the Internet. Now, in this
movie, you're sending seductive photos via e-mail. What gives
with you and computers?


] This movie definitely taps into the modern age in that way.
When you take on this genre, you have to do a fresh, modern
take on it. So, one of the things we wanted to explore is, you
go in the office now, you're accessible through e-mail, you're
accessible through Twitter and iChat -- all of these different
types of things. At what level do you cross this level of
intimacy with another person?

So does that freak you out at all -- people stalking you

I just don't get into it. For me personally, I cut it off.

So you won't see Ali Larter's Twitter update while getting a
pedicure some Thursday.

Yeah, that's not my speed. For the people who love it, good for
you, but I'm a bit more private than that.

So, back to those fighting scenes with Beyoncé --
they look intense. How rough did they get?

We spent a week doing it. We spent a lot of time choreographing
it, and even the last scene, the finale, we wanted to make
sure, for us, that we were having fun while we were performing
it because that reads on the screen. You have to take those
things seriously, but you also have to have an enjoyment and
savor this kind of stuff. So hopefully you're going to feel
that electricity when you watch it. We did as much as we could…
[One of the] stunt doubles actually gave me a little lick on my
nose, and that was a bit of a wake-up call for me… I was like,
"Whoo, this is some serious stuff."

Heroes is about to finish its third season. I know they make you
keep quiet on plot developments, but is there anything fans can
look forward to from your character as the season
wraps up?

The season finale is amazing and I'm just so excited because we
have Bryan Fuller back. He wrote a lot of my character the
first season and then he went and did that incredible show
Pushing Daisies

-- rest in peace -- but the other side of that is we have him
back, and I think that Bryan has a way of really expressing
complex female characters. So I'm just really excited to see
all of the different places we can take my character.

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