Justin and Mila: More Than Just Friends



Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, who are certainly among the most charismatic actors working today, follow last year’s celebrated dramatic performances (in The Social Network and Black Swan, respectively) with costarring roles in the engaging sex comedy Friends With Benefits (now in theaters). Directed by Will (Easy A) Gluck, the film offers both actors an opportunity to display their ample comedic chops as two incredibly attractive single people, still reeling from recent nasty breakups, who decide to embark on a no-strings-attached sexual relationship. Stealing nearly every scene he’s in is Woody Harrelson as a randy sportswriter who at first takes more than a professional interest in Timberlake’s character. Timberlake and Kunis tell The Advocate how they feel about filming sex scenes, discuss why it’s important to shatter stereotypes, and demonstrate how passionate they are about marriage equality.

The Advocate: You two share some incredibly intimate scenes in Friends With Benefits. How well did you know each other before you started filming?
Justin Timberlake: I knew Mila for a long time, she just didn't know me [Kunis and Timberlake both laugh]. No, no we had a real conversation for the first time when we went to dinner with Will. We bonded over some potty-mouth humor, a very lowbrow sense of humor. We still share that. The three of us sat down and talked about this as a potential project, what we wanted it to be versus what it was at the time.
Mila Kunis: We both wanted the movie to be a certain way.

How did you envision the film?
Timberlake: This was being pitched to us as this big romantic comedy, but we wanted to make a generational comedy. I think we saw the opportunity to break some boundaries. Any time we can have a film that, in the most wit-filled way, can be a commentary on what's ridiculous about your generation, that's a funny movie to watch. When we first meet each other we have this idea of what we actually want each other to be based on the breakups we just went through. And I love that in this movie, you fall in love with these two people individually and the fact that they don't realize how perfect they are for each other because of their friendship.

You have really great chemistry together. Did you research other romantic comedy teams?
Kunis: Unintentionally. I've watched a lot of comedies in my 27 years, not knowing that one day they would come to good use. I enjoy romantic comedies, but I didn't want to be in one. And this was the first time I wanted to do something like this. But that being said, I do love romantic comedies. I wish I could lie. I wish I could lie and tell you they're all full of shit. They're not. I enjoy them. I do! [Laughs]

It must have been fun to turn all the conventions of the genre on their ear.
Timberlake: Exactly. I never wanted to do a romantic comedy. But I don’t look at this film as a romantic comedy. I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies. I will say that they serve as a great escape. If they're done correctly they make you think. It's so funny that we go to movies to escape, but when we're in there watching, we find everything that's relative to our own lives.

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