Hot Sheet: Mind Control

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: Andy Warhol goes to Vegas, Darryl Stephens is on stage, while our brainwaves tune to Matmos.



7. DVD: Nurse Jackie Season 4  
Edie Falco is back as Jackie Peyton, the strong-willed, brilliant, and screwed up pill popping ER nurse. There’s the usual workplace chaos and the reality that getting sober is a bitch. But this season let Jackie’s equally brilliant bisexual BFF, Dr. Eleanor O’Hara, shine as a mom-to-be. The scene when she goes into labor is a reminder of the intimacy between Jackie and Eleanor that verges on the lesbian. Almost. If you squint. Which we do. (Oh and for the gay guys, just buy it to watch Peter Facinelli for 13 hours. Enough said.) Buy it. Watch the video.

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