Hot Sheet: Sighs Matter

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week, from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to penis enlargement.



7. DVD: Unhung Hero
When Patrick Moot’s girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal — in front of one of those sports arena kiss-cams and later millions of YouTube viewers — he was crushed. But when she later told him it was because his penis was too small, it was the gut punch that inspired him to go in search of the many things that make this riveting and hilarious documentary a must-see. I watched it with a room full of queer guys, and it inspired more than an hour of debate and discussion about whether size matters. In director Brian Spitz’s deft hands, this cockumentary explores a lot of different arenas: Moot goes around the globe to determine whether size matters. He talks to porn stars and queer sexperts including Dan Savage and Annie Sprinkle; he goes to Asia, where penis size is statistically smaller, to see what men do to increase theirs; he experiments on himself with pumps, injections, and a lengthening program in which men attach weights to their junk (yes, shudder now); he talks with women, gay men, and doctors. The film plays the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles beginning December 6 and will be released on DVD (with bonus features) December 10. Michael Moore loves the film, and whether you’re male or female or hanging slightly to the left or right, you likely will too. —Diane Anderson-Minshall

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