Hot Sheet: Demi-Vicious Pride

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include delicious Demi Lovato, ferocious N.Y. and S.F. Pride, and most Vicious Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.

BY Editors

June 27 2014 6:41 PM ET

6. MUSIC: while (1<2), Deadmau5
Toronto-based EDM hero Joel Zimmerman (a.k.a. deadmau5) has just released a collection of 25 tracks for what he's calling his first true artist album, while(1<2), packed with the DJ-producer's signature four-on-the-floor beats and cerebral electronic wizardry. If you're looking for an EDM album that takes you on a journey, while(1<2) gives you one hell of a ride. Oh, and if you're a huge fan of the mau5, you can buy his slick Ferrari 458 Italia for a reasonable $380,000 on Craigslist. — Scott Ragan