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LORELEI 1 X390 | ADVOCATE.COMWhat does the word “marriage” mean to you?
Marriage and married couple are open to interpretation. Whenever two people join their lives together in a common purpose and want to spend the rest of their lives together that they’re marrying each other. Whether they have a legal piece of paper to follow it up with or not. The huge political issue here is: is marriage a religious word or is it not. And that’s not a political fight I want to get into because it’s all up to interpretation. I believe that when two people make a commitment to one another, whether the government or the state recognizes it as such, it’s a marriage. And that’s my belief and my feelings about that. They’re married. I’m marrying them. I am the person that is confirming their lives together so that they can move forward with a common focus, one common vision.

What’s your message about marriage and who do you want to reach?

I know a lot of heterosexual couples who have no problem at all with same-sex married couples and then I have heterosexual couples who have real issues about it. And I say to them the same thing I say to anyone: It’s not about you or me, it’s about the love the couple has for one another. How can this be wrong when you stand with a couple that has been with each other for 50 years and finally have the right to make it legal and do so with tears streaming down their faces? They’ve already been married for 50 years. I want the [gay and lesbian people] to know and recognize, understand that there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t make the commitment now or later, and I want the larger community, hopefully, at some point to recognize this.

Once same-sex marriage is legal, what happens with the couples you’ve already wed without documentation?

I’m a notary and can issue marriage licenses. I told the couples that I married, that when it becomes legal, we will produce the document. We will hand it to you and have a celebration. We’ll sign all of the legal work. Of course, it can’t be post-dated. The document will be the day that it actually occurs when the paper is in sight, but nonetheless, I’m committed to doing that.

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