Report: A&E CEO Suspended Robertson for Sake of Gay Employees

Nancy Dubuc, currently receiving death threats, said she had to take action out of respect for A&E's LGBT employees.



A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc (pictured) suspended Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for spouting off on gays partly because her LGBT employees were livid, according to a report from TMZ.

Dubuc felt compelled to take action out of respect for her numerous LGBT employees, including those directly involved with Duck Dynasty, angered by Robertson's comments in GQ. That may be true, but reports also indicate A&E has long been aware of Robertson's extreme far-right views on minorities, which include sweeping generalizations on African-Americans and extreme vitriol against gays; he called the latter sinful, God-less murderers in a 2010 "sermon." Another report indicated the network is hoping the scandal blows over so they can get a few more years out of the cash cow, which is not only a ratings winner, but a merchandising juggernaut.

Regardless of the intention, Dubuc is incurring much blowback, including death threats, from conservative viewers who agree with Robertson's views. No final announcement on Robertson's employment or the future of the show has been made.