Brandy Grown Up

Despite a rough couple of years, onetime R&B princess Brandy is holding her head high on her new album Human. Though gay fans would probably line the block for a sequel of "The Boy Is Mine" with former duet buddy Monica, don't hold your breath -- Brandy, now 29, says, "We're too old for that."



Now 29, former
R&B princess Brandy just released her fifth studio
album, Human, which has already garnered a
number 1 single on the Billboard Hot Dance chart with
“Right Here (Departed).” The Cali gal
who once insisted “The Boy Is Mine” pours her
soul into her latest effort, managing to find the edge in
R&B-pop. But despite a rough couple of years --
including a car accident that left one woman dead;
Brandy was cleared of any fault -- the singer and
onetime TV star hasn’t forgotten how to have a
good time. Here, Brandy chats about her gay fans, her
Moesha costar, Diana Ross, and even that
hair-pulling incident with Barbara Walters. new album is called Human. I’ve heard
many artists say that their record label or the
media doesn't allow them to be human. Do you feel
like you’ve had that pressure?
Brandy: I have. Just growing up in this
industry with an image that was such the "good girl" image,
I felt pressure because I didn’t feel like I
was able to make a lot of mistakes or learn from my
mistakes without people judging. It is hard to be a
role model in this industry, but this is my responsibility.
I’m here to make good music. I’m here to
be an inspiration, but I want people to know at the
end of the day, I’m going to make mistakes.
I’m a human being, but I am responsible as

The album sounds very fresh, but still has that
signature Brandy sound. What has kept you committed to
your sound in an era of passing musical fads?
As an artist, I just remain true to myself. I go
with how I feel. Creativity is something that is very
spontaneous. I try to go along with it and not resist.
With faith and a belief that I am able to be me and
not worry about whatever else is going on. It’s my
own music, it’s my own sound. I try to stay
true to that.

Your first single, “Right Here (Departed),”
hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance chart. How
did that song come about?
It was the first song that reunited Rodney
Jerkins and I back together. When I first heard the
song I felt like the lyrics just really described
everything I felt in the last couple years of my life.
Having people that I could depend on through a tough
time and also just being there for them when they
needed me. I just know that everybody needs somebody. I felt
like it was an appropriate song to come back with and
basically be an inspiration to everybody.
That’s a song that everybody can relate to.

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