WATCH: Andy Cohen Is Lady Gaga's God in New Video

Lady Gaga premiered her new video for "G.U.Y." — and Andy Cohen seems to be G.O.D.

BY Lucas Grindley

March 23 2014 1:38 AM ET

Lady Gaga premiered her new video for "G.U.Y." on Dateline Saturday, somehow managing to turn Bravo's Andy Cohen into a god, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills into the supernatural.

It all starts, of course, with Lady Gaga as a fallen angel, shot through the heart with an arrow...

Then we're brought to a place of seeming nirvana, also known to us mere mortals as the Hearst Castle, where we are greeted by an assortment of shirtless men and Real Housewives...

Watching down on all of it is a melodic, disembodied head in the clouds who goes by the name Andy Cohen...

After the house party, the Housewives return as divine gangster henchwomen who bust into a building, arrows blazing...


Watch the whole video below:


And, you can watch Andy Cohen watching the video for the first time here: