Kevin Clash is Cleared as Abuse Accuser Drops Claims

Elmo Is Cleared: Abuse Accuser Drops Claims

The 24-year-old who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with puppeteer Kevin Clash has recanted his statement.

Kirstie Alley Says John Travolta Is Not Gay

If You Ask Kirstie Alley, John Travolta Is Not Gay

Elvira: Blood Bath & Beyond

PHOTOS Mr Gay Netherlands Is Crowned

PHOTOS: Mr. Gay Netherlands Is Crowned

Nine handsome young men competed to win the title of Mr. Gay Netherlands. Can you pick the winner?

Gay-For-Pay Star's Wife not Thrilled by her Hubby's Career

Supporting your straight husband's career in gay adult film can cause delusions of contentment.

Christine Quinn Turned Down Date with Pamela Anderson

Lady Bunny and Pamela Anderson on Romance

At a New York animal-rights event, Pamela Anderson and Lady Bunny speak up.

Sweet Moves, Zac Efron!

WATCH Jackie Collins Says Matt Bomer Lost Superman Role for Being Gay

Did Matt Bomer Lose Superman Role Because He's Gay?

The novelist, who discusses a range of gay issues in a radio interview, says the actor was considered for Superman Flyby, a film that ultimately was not produced.