Who Are the LGBT Characters on the New Fall Season?



 The number of LGBT characters in primetime on broadcast channels is decreasing in the next season, according to a count by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

When shows start hitting ABC, BCS, The CW, Fox and NBC, GLAAD estimates that there will be 19 regular characters who are LGBT — a decline from last year's 23 characters. Another 14 are recurring characters.

FOX led the networks with 6.8% of its regular characters being LGBT. On the other end, CBS has just one LGBT regular character out of 125 — a bisexual legal investigator Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife . GLAAD notes it's the second consecutive year with low representation. But The Good Wife has added two recurring LGBT characters — a brother of the lead character, and a former flame for Kalinda — that viewers could see more of. Diversity of the LGBT characters who are on prime-time network television is low, with not a single black LGBT character.

Who are the LGBT characters on the fall season? Check out the list on the following pages.

View GLAAD's complete report, its 16th Where We Are on TV report, on its website.

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