Broadway Baby Bares All

Entertainer John Carroll offers a scintillating firsthand account of taking it off to play Prince Charming for the latest Broadway Bares fund-raiser.



That evening, we raised a record-breaking $1,254,176.

Oh, and just in case you thought I was getting used to the star treatment:

I woke up the next day to the sound of birds singing and had a spring in my step. I felt like the sun was shining just for me. Later that same day, when I was hanging out with a friend, he introduced me to someone who was in the audience the night before. "This is John, he played Prince Charming in the finale." Now, I'm thinking that since in my scene, there were only two people onstage, two people who were speaking to each other through microphones that amplify sound, and I was the one who had just risen like a phoenix through a trap door dressed in a whorish version of royalty that I might be memorable. No, not so much. Instead, what I got from this man was the blankest stare I have ever seen on a human being. So much so, I literally waved my hand in front of his face to see if he would blink and made the sound effect of crickets chirping. Finally, he broke his rigor mortis-like freeze and said, "Were you were in the show? Sorry, I don’t remember you."

Ah yes, humble pie is a dish best served cold.

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