Big Gay Following: Alec Baldwin

Brandon Voss gets the goods from Baldwin on the men he's loved, advances from Matt Drudge, and his brother's attacks on gay marriage.



Did you get hit on by men while you were a busboy at Studio 54?
To some extent. But by ’79, when I worked there, the people who were most well-known for inhabiting that place were gone. It was not at all what it used to be. But everybody who worked there, it seemed, was gay, and all we did was get high and drink and dance. I’m trying to think… [long pause] I’m trying to think if I’ve ever almost considered having an affair with another guy, but I always come to the same answer: I’m just not attracted to men in that way. I like women, but sometimes I wish I didn’t. [Laughs] Sometimes I think my life would be a lot easier if I didn’t. I’m not made that way in terms of sexuality, but I can definitely see how men fall in love with other men, and there are men that I have loved as much as, if not more than, any woman I’ve ever known.

So you weren’t tempted by conservative blogger Matt Drudge’s alleged sexual advance in an ABC Studios hallway?
No, because there was a kind of creepy quality to it. Has he come out?

I don’t think so. How did you react when he threatened legal action after you shared the anecdote on Howard Stern’s radio show in 2002?
I just remember thinking, Why is he so uptight about being gay? Who’s worried about that anymore? And I wasn’t calling him gay. I just said he hit on me, which I found unusual. Because he’s somebody who could vilify me politically, but he sure didn’t seem like he wanted to vilify me when we were in the hallway. And maybe he’s not gay. Maybe he just had some sort of moment there in the hallway.

Are you aware of your brother Stephen’s recent rant against gay marriage on Howard Stern — after starring in Threesome, no less?
Well, in the modern political world, people like that — whether or not I’m related to them — only help us raise money. They want to ban gay marriage because those people are incapable of having a biological family — that’s their only argument — but what about a man and a woman who are infertile, or a man and a woman who choose not to procreate? You can ban gay marriage, but if you’re going to make it fair, then you have to ban marriage for everybody else who won’t produce children. But they never make it fair, and they just single out groups of people that they hate.

Considering you haven’t had the best of luck with the institution, I thought you might be against marriage altogether.
No, you’ve got to allow gay marriage. But that’s one of the jokes people have made: “God, can you imagine what gay divorce would be like?”

Stephen’s on Celebrity Apprentice, and your other brother Daniel did Celebrity Rehab this year. If the writers strike never ends, on which reality show would you star?
I’d like to play the judge on a gay divorce court show.

Finally, we know he has a liberal past, but does Jack Donaghy have a gay skeleton in his closet?
We have to have Jack Donaghy have a gay relationship at some point. I think he has to get drunk and find out something about himself. But we’ll see. We’ve got a long way to go.

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