A Touching Tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer and the Many Others

A popular YouTube personality made the point that Jamey was one among many. 



Tributes to Jamey Rodemeyer started being posted online the moment news spread of his death. One person started a Facebook page in memoriam. Photos of people with their "paws up" for Jamey are still being shared on Tumblr. And Lady Gaga devoted her performance at the I Heart Music event to the 14-year-old from Buffalo, who was buried in a "Born This Way" T-shirt.

But what touches so many about the loss of Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide after being subjected to antigay bullying, is that he signifies a larger problem at play, as evidenced by his parents' call on the Today show for better communication about what's still happening in schools.

Among the latest tributes is one by Davey Wavey, a popular YouTube personality, who made the point that Jamey was one among many. Watch the tribute below. The last of the 250 balloons they release into the sky makes for perhaps the most poignant moment.