Lawsuit, Nevada Pol Attempt to Reverse Gay Marriage Ban



Assemblyman Elliot Anderson
Assemblyman Elliot Anderson

A Nevada lawmaker is aiming to challenge the state's constitutional ban on marriage equality with legislation that would reverse two voter-approved ballot initiatives that have restricted marriages only to heterosexual couples.

Assemblyman Elliot Anderson's bill will be introduced after the legislature convenes in February, according to the Las Vegas Sun. The bill would begin a longer process to eliminate the state-wide ban on marriage equality because it would also have to be approved by voters in 2013.

Nevadans approved the constitutional ban on marriage equality in 2000 with 69.6% of the vote. A final vote on the matter in 2002 was approved by 67% of the vote. As of 2009, however, same-sex couples in Nevada can enter into domestic partnerships.

Meanwhile, a federal court in Reno will hear a case which eight couples are suing the state for marriage equality. The hearing is scheduled for November.