Marriage for All Families Series Profiles Maine Campaign

The first in a four-part series about the states facing marriage ballot initiatives next month begins with a profile of Maine.




Marriage for All Families, a new four-part series focused on the states facing marriage ballot initiatives next month, launched Tuesday with its first installment about Maine.

The video features two same-sex couples, Annie and Meredith and Jim and Steve, and one campaign volunteer, Mick. All of them talk about the importance of winning marriage equality in the state where voters repealed such a law in 2009. Maine this year became the first state where advocates, not opponents, initiated the referendum process based on their assessment of the campaign’s viability.

The series is produced by New Left Media and The Four. According to the creators, “Marriage for All Families captures the real experience of same-sex couples, to show that they have the same challenges, responsibilities, and aspirations as other couples. Still, they are strangers in the eyes of the law. That’s why marriage equality is so important: it aligns personal reality with legal reality, as a simple matter of fairness and equality.”

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