Henry Rollins Stands Up Against Prop. 8 

Henry Rollins has never been one to shy away from controversy. On the eve of Election Day, the outspoken singer-comedian-activist speaks out against Proposition 8, touts Barack Obama, tells the Pat Robertsons and Sarah Palins of the world to go back to the Stone Age, and urges LGBT people to "never relent."



It’s a good hope. But I am used to not getting what I want. So if
I don’t get what I want Tuesday, I won’t
be surprised, but I will not allow that to stop me from
what I need to do. I will remain civically active and
involved. That’s what they want you to do --
give up.

You’re saying that we should all become more involved? Well, the more things go south of where I think
it’s good, the more I get involved. That is
what happens with me. I can say, "You’ve messed
with the wrong guy; I will bring your organization down." I
get more and more socially active the older I get. I
mean, when I heard that Minnesota congresswoman
Michele Bachmann call for a revival of McCarthy-like
hearings ... You heard about that?

Oh, yes. We have to start laughing at people like that
and throw them back to the Stone Age where they came
from. The fact that we have to endure Sarah Palin for
a nanosecond ... What an idiot -- an awful, awful person.
And her children ... I mean, to have a 17-year-old
daughter have to marry her dumb-ass 17-year-old
boyfriend. Star-crossed lovers they are not. They’re
dumb American kids who didn’t get told how their
parts worked because mom is an idiot. And having five
kids ... while the world is starving ... I mean, this
is not an example. I like kids, but having five kids is
basically like saying, "Fuck you. I just don’t care.
I’ll eat all the cake I want and people can
starve outside my door!" So, yeah, I am looking
forward to a different [political] structure in 2009.

So what do you think is the best thing that can
happen for the LGBT community in 2009?
I think lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenders --
and all different bits of that acronym -- just need to
keep standing up. Never relent. As we progress, as
younger people become middle-aged people, there can be this
different American culture where people get out there to
vote for people like Barack Obama. And for people like
me, with a microphone in front of them, we can speak
out and all move forward. The wrong thing to do is to
think we’ve lost our progress. It’s an
ever-evolving thing. Never relent. Never relent!

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