New Year Same Hangover?

Five easy ways to feel great after a night of overdoing it.



Bytox hangover remedy patch x390 (fair) | Algae
Some say this 2.5-billion-year-old plant life is a miracle drug since studies have indicated it can lower blood pressure, cure colds, aid weight loss, balance blood sugar, provide energy, protect the brain, build the immune system, and more. It was even declared the most nutritionally dense food on earth by both NASA and the United Nations 40 years ago. Why care? It's also a natural way to prevent hangovers. But until recently, nobody paid attention. Why? "Probably because algae was missing sizzle," says NaughtyBits founder and CEO Catharine Arnston. "Substance it had. Heck, it's a nutritional rock star, but sizzle, no. Algae wasn't glamorous or packaged properly to catch anyone's attention." After Arnston's makeover, algae is now sold in the form of Naughty-Bits, algae tablets that have the highest concentration of protein in the world (60%), over 40 nutrients, and just one calorie per tab (think green, raw, vegan too).