Stephen Moyer: Bleeding Heart

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer would love to consummate his onscreen bromance with Alex Skarsgård, but he doesn’t really need to see costar Joe Manganiello strip in Magic Mike.




Surely you’ve seen the viral Photoshopped version of your nude 2010 Rolling Stone cover that removed Anna altogether and pushed you and Alex together.
That happened very quickly, didn’t it? Alex and I were both made aware of it right away. I thought it was hilarious. When the photographer suggested the idea for the original shot, we had already shot what we thought would be the cover. Alex and I were actually sitting there eating, and the last thing we wanted to do was take our tops off. Literally 10 minutes later, we had dropped trou and were in position being sprayed with blood. It was only until an hour later, when Anna and I were driving home and stopped at a traffic light, that we looked at each other and said, “What in God’s name did we just agree to?” Then Alex pulled up to the side of us, we rolled down our window, and he said, “What did we just do?”

Do you see the bromance building between Bill and Eric as they’re forced to become greater allies this season?
Yeah, it’s a situation where the two of them realize that it’s pointless to be against each other. They’ve both been rejected by Sookie, and they’re both in deep water because of what they’ve done, so they both know that the best thing to do is to join forces. I like to think that somewhere in their past, maybe the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, or earlier on, Bill and Eric were actually friends and partners in crime. I think they had a messy breakup, which is why there’s an animosity between them when we first see them in season 1. Hopefully we’ll get to see what really went on between them in a future season.

How do you feel about the fact that Alexander Skarsgård declines to wear a modesty sock on set?
We all know each other really well, and it’s not that I care about what the actors think, but I don’t think the crew necessarily needs to see my bits. As for Alex, hey, whatever floats your boat, man.

You famously auctioned off your modesty sock for charity. Was the winner a wealthy gay man?
I received it back so that I could autograph it to the person, and I believe it was a lady. Sorry.