What Are We Thankful For?

The news and culture that defines 2013 leaves a lot to be grateful for.



Landmark Marriage Equality Victories
June 26 of this year was an exciting day to be inside The Advocate's Los Angeles offices. We'd been holding our collective breath, waiting for the Supreme Court to issue rulings on two landmark cases relating to the freedom to marry — and the results were better than we dared to hope for. Not only did SCOTUS strike down California's Proposition 8 on a legal technicality — hey, whatever it takes so our colleagues can start marrying their partners — but Justice Anthony Kennedy's sweeping, unapologetic language in the majority opinion in Windsor v. U.S.A. struck down a key section of the Defense of Marriage Act. By finding a central tenet of that federal law unconstitutional, the Supreme Court paved the way for an avalanche of pro-marriage equality litigation, taking aim at state-level DOMAs around the country. And from Ohio, all the way down to Missouri and Oklahoma, the Windsor ruling has added the weight of legal precedent set at the nation's highest court behind arguments that denying same-sex couples the right to marry is patently unconstitutional. In New Jersey the Windsor case directly contributed to that state enacting marriage equality in October. At this point, it's really just a question of which — not whether any — state will be the next to join the growing ranks embracing the freedom to marry. —Sunnivie Brydum