The Portland-based Ace Hotel chain has quickly become the hippest in the United States, and their most recent addition, a desert destination in the heart of Palm Springs, is no exception to the rule. Set on a sprawling five-acre resort, the hotel merges the idea of motel chic with the feeling of camping.

The walls of most of the rooms are covered in a beige canvas that opens up to mosquito netting like the doors of a tent. Other suites feature mid-century modern furniture, animal rugs, walls covered in white slats with hooks to hang your hat or shirt, and clips where vintage magazine photographs act as art. Each room has a record player with a handful of selections, with more vinyl available at the front desk.

The rooms provide full-length caftans and matching robes, and one of my rooms even had a walking stick. I was too embarrassed to wander around like Moses in public but enjoyed lounging around in the garb in the privacy of my room.

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