Out and Proud: LGBT Youth Share Their Stories

October is an important month for supporting LGBT youth. In honor of National Coming Out Day earlier this month and Spirit Day today, these videos feature stories of empowered youth and their positive coming-out tales.



Coming out is a unique process for every individual. It can be scary, overwhelming, and confusing, but it can also be happy, liberating, and empowering.

In honor of Spirit Day, the annual commemoration in which people “go purple” to show their support for LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying, we’ve assembled a collection of coming-out stories from several courageous young LGBT people who remind us that coming out is as much about sharing with others as it is about understanding yourself.

No matter how you do it — in a letter, an email, face-to-face conversation, or any other medium — coming out is a huge step in the life of every LGBT person. Celebrate yourself and share it with the people you love, whether it is on Spirit Day or any other day of the year.

Made by Dan Brian, whose YouTube channel is mallow610, this video shows a young gay man coming out to his mom. Her reaction is what any LGBT kid would want: She expresses her unconditional support and love for a son who was finally honest with her.