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PHOTOS: Jean-Pierre Laffont Saw Us

PHOTOS: Jean-Pierre Laffont Saw Us

Photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont devoted his life to recording the most important world events for close to 55 years. He is not only a savvy photographer with a camera in his hand at all the right times but a businessman who founded the U.S. bureau of Gamma Agency with his wife. In 1973 he went on to cofound the Sygma Photo News Agency, again with his wife, Elaine Laffont.

The photos included here are a special selection from his book, Photographer's Paradise: Turbulent America 1960-1990. Laffont recorded the progress of LGBT life in America over a few decades with an insider's eye while not being an insider.

Paging through Photographer's Paradise is like watching a nation grow and crumble under its own weight. His images record the vast diversity of communities, societies, and often people on the fringes of those groups. Laffont's photojournalism becomes a historical record of the times.

Mr. Laffont will be speaking at the International Center of Photography on November 12, and will be presented by Pulitzer Prize winner, Michele McNally, the Director of Photography at The New York Times.

All images © Jean-Pierre Laffont, 2014. From Photographer's Paradise — published by Glitterati Incorporated www.GlitteratiIncorporated.com. Available on Amazon.com.

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New York City, New York / Summer, 1967
The couple who had originally introduced me to an inside look at the life of working-girl transvestites strike a romantic pose on their fire escape.

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