Drag Race's Courtney Act Defeats Conservative Politician to Win Big Brother


RuPaul's Drag Race season six contestant Courtney Act was crowned the winner of this season's Celebrity Big Brother, a reality competition juggernaut in the United Kingdom.

Act prevailed over conservative MP Anne Widdecombe, who placed second. Widdecombe opposed LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage, and said she hasn't changed her views after her time in the Big Brother "house."

Act, a 36-year-old Australian drag performer who's real name is Shane Janek, scored points for his warm friendships in the house, including with a straight man and a transgender woman, India Willoughby.

"I think the thing [Willoughby] struggled with is that people might see me and see her and think that we are the same thing," Act told the BBC. "She'd never identified as a drag queen. Drag is more performance-based, hers is about gender identity. She was never a man but she had a male body."

Act's entrance on the show was unforgettable; his skirt infamously fell to his feet in front of a live audience.



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