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Rosie O'Donnell Is Selling Her Anti-Trump Art for a Cause

Rosie O'Donnell

O'Donnell is channeling her "sadness, rage, [and] disappointment" with Trump into an ongoing art project that raises money for good causes. 

Actress, Twitter activist, and now agitprop artist Rosie O'Donnell has taken all of her years of ire for Donald Trump and channeled it into making anti-Trump art that she's now selling on Etsy.

O'Donnell's one of the hundreds of celebrities who call out Trump and his cronies in the White House on Twitter daily, but her history with the famed misogynist makes her take on him uniquely personal and urgent, and that's reflected in her art.

Scroll through O'Donnell's Twitter feed of the past year and it's loaded with screeds against Trump and his narrow-minded policies but recently she's added drawings of Trump to her feed. Now, she's taken to selling signed pieces of art to raise money for a cause.

"All money collected (from the sale of the art)will be matched by me and donated to anti-Trump candidates and causes," O'Donnell posted on Etsy with her first limited work of art that depicted his face with the words "rapist, cheat, liar, racist, conman, asshole" next to it.

The star of SMILF began her art project by making doodles of Trump on her iPhone as a way to express her "sadness, rage, [and] disappointment" with "Trump and his regime," O'Donnell wrote on Etsy.

O'Donnell, whose public feud with Trump dates back to 2006 and who has endured his publicly calling her "a real loser," "a woman out of control," "crude, rude, obnoxious, and dumb" among other hateful things, found a way to sublimate her feelings about him into something for good.

The first 12 pieces of her art printed on 5x7 aluminum sold out within a day, but O'Donnell vowed to continue making and selling her anti-Trump art "'til Trump is out," she wrote.

"Batch one of 'Digital Donald Rosie Art' sold out. We made 1200 dollars--thank you all. A check for 2500 dollars will be sent to Everytown [for Gun Safety] in an effort to support sane gun laws," O'Donnell wrote on Etsy.

"So thankful for the students' voices lifting my sinking soul," O'Donnell added about the courageous students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. -- where the most recent, devastating school shooting occurred -- who have taken on Trump, lawmakers, and the National Rifle Association.

The second batch of 12 pieces of O'Donnell's art, which depicted a red-faced, yellow-haired Trump with word "criminal" written on them, sold out within three hours of O'Donnell posting about it on Twitter on Friday.

"We can do this America -- save ourselves from tyranny," O'Donnell also wrote on Etsy. "Love and peace as we move forward."

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