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Queer Women Navigate a New World in After Oil

Queer Women Navigate a New World in 'After Oil'

This webseries explores how young women react to a global energy crisis.

The new digital series After Oil follows two young queer women navigating rural life amidst a global oil crisis. To keep her small Appalachian town afloat, Briar Dunlap forms a bike gang of children to ferry food deliveries to the locals. But when one of her youngest riders goes missing, Briar and her girlfriend Sarah's fervent search for their friend uncovers a dark secret. This clip shows Briar and Sarah launching their journey. Featured in this scene are Melina Brown as Briar Dunlap, Peter Sweet as Cole Story, and Kayleigh Shuler as Sarah Hammond.

Directors Jessica Naftaly and Shailyn Cotten also shared a message to viewers: "We won't be able to make the rest of the series without a massive upswing in support from viewers, or without a streaming platform (YouTube Red, Fullscreen, etc.) picking the show up for a First Look. We are passionate about getting this series done though, and hope that with some more support, we might be able to crowdfund some more episodes."

You can support the show by watching the pilot of the series and catch more of the series at a free screening in New York's Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema.

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