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Same-Sex Dancers Soar In Hot to Trot

Same-Sex Dancers Soar In 'Hot to Trot'

The new documentary showcases the vibrant world of ballroom competition.

Hot to Trot dives into the lives of competitive ballroom dancers as they prepare for the world championships.

In this clip, dancers share the joy they feel of being in a dance space for same-sex pairs, which centers them and their desire, rather than marginalizing it.

The film follows several charismatic dancers over a four-year period as they struggle with challenges, including addiction and family acceptance, on the road to personal and performance success. "Dance is going to be one of last bastions of homophobia, because it's a vertical expression of a horizontal desire," says one of the dancers. Weaving their moves with their individual stories, the documentary offers an idiosyncratic attack on bigotry.

Hot to Trot opens today in New York and September 14 in Los Angeles.

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