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Artist Spotlight: Fernando Bayona

Artist Spotlight: Fernando Bayona

Fernando Bayona's creations — because to use the word photography would limit the scope of what he does — have as many people and work hours devoted to them as a medium-sized independent film.

Bayona's explorations of various subjects, like the circus, fairy tales, the life of Christ, all come back to the theme of love and how it affects the story of the people involved for both the good and the bad.

The pastiche of references to be gleaned from closely examining his work is a satisfying harvest of pop culture, film noir, classic illustrators like Arthur Rackham, photographers like David LaChapelle and Diane Arbus, and the Dutch and Flemish painters of the 15th century.

Fernando Bayona was born in Linares, Spain, in 1980. He lives and works between Madrid and Milan. He has published five books, which showcase all his work to date as an artist. He is currently completing a doctoral thesis, which combines well with his work as a visual artist.

For more information check out his website, his Instagram page, and his Facebook page.

Once Upon a Time

12fernando Bayona
07fernando Bayona
Los Siameses


08fernando Bayona
El Hombre Muñón


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