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URDUMB URDUMB: Drag Queen Confronts Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric with Kylie Minogue Parody

URDUMB URDUMB: Drag Queen Confronts Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric with Kylie Minogue Parody

Morgan McMichaels

Check out Morgan McMichaels’ satirical take on hate and resilience.


As a powerful demonstration of wit and resilience, drag legend Morgan McMichaels has uniquely responded to right-wing politicians’ divisive anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric: a parody of "Padam Padam."

McMichaels, known for starring on RuPaul’s Drag Race , recently released a drag-centric parody of Kylie Minogue’s infectious hit appropriately named “URDUMB URDUMB.” Through this entertaining parody, she aims at figures such as Lauren Boebert , Marjorie Taylor Greene , George Santos , and more.

The video kicks off with McMichaels humorously reenacting a bathroom altercation between Greene and Boebert. This playful nod to real-life political disputes sets the tone for a lighthearted yet biting critique of anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment.

As the video unfolds, it showcases headlines and clips highlighting a year's worth of anti-LGBTQ+ political developments. McMichaels sings, "You look unhinged to me. / Have you lost touch with reality? / I mean, you're talking lots of crazy stuff. / Boy, I wish I had some earplugs."


The lyrics serve as a humorous but pointed takedown of those who oppose LGBTQ + rights.

“Urdumb urdumb / Stop eating all that paste / Urdumb urdumb / Does the Kool-Aid have a funny taste?” croons McMichaels.

Midway through the video, McMichaels introduces a group of discontented individuals humorously labeled “Moms for Bigotry,” poking fun at the so-called “parents’ rights” group Moms for Liberty, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled as an anti-government extremist group.

The lyrics continue, “Your brain’s so empty / when I stand next to you, I hear the ocean breeze. / Stop trying to convert the gays. / You should be busy getting prepped for doomsday.”

The video is sponsored by MISTR, a company that offers testing for STIs and prescriptions for PrEP.

But this parody goes beyond laughter. It strategically spotlights specific legislation and rhetoric propagated by bigots, seamlessly weaving news clips and headlines related to recent attacks on drag into its production. The juxtaposition of scenes featuring Kid Rock shooting Bud Light cans, the storming of the Capitol by rioters, and modern-day Nazis offering salutes creates a stark backdrop against which LGBTQ + individuals and allies passionately advocate for their community.

While the power of parody may not necessarily change the minds of those committed to promoting hate, it serves as a potent reminder of the multitude of bills posing a threat to LGBTQ+ rights. This particular parody casts a spotlight on the rights of transgender individuals and drag queens .

McMichaels encapsulates the essence of LGBTQ+ resilience, writing in the video’s description, “Drag Queens & Trans-women in this world were the vanguards of the gay rights movement at Stonewall and have been spearheading the fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community since.” In a passionate declaration, she adds, “We will stand up, we will clap back, and we will continue to live, love, and fight for equality. WE ARE NOT AFRAID AND WE WILL FIGHT BACK FOR OUR EQUALITY AND RIGHTS !!!”


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