John Waters returns to put spirit in Independent Spirit Awards

Iconoclastic director John Waters, talking to Variety about his upcoming gig as host of the Independent Spirit Awards, says, “I’m approaching it with humor. I just hope I don’t have an Elizabeth Taylor moment.” His keynote address two years ago created a great deal of buzz to have him host the following year, but his director’s instinct told him to pass. “I said, Let ’em wait a year, let them miss me.” While some would aim for the meretricious dignity of the larger award shows, Waters says, “If we can encourage celebrities to have breakdowns at the awards, I’d be happy. Maybe I’m going to try and make all the nominees nervous so they have nervous breakdowns. Maybe that’s my job.” The event traditionally takes place the day before the Oscars, which Waters thinks “makes it the hippest award show there is. We jokingly call it the alternative Oscars, and if I can be the alternative Dick Clark, that’s fine.” The event will be broadcast over the Independent Film Channel Web site,

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