Gay comic strip Jane’s World picked up by United Features

The lesbian-themed comic strip Jane’s World, which so far has run only in gay publications, will be given a trial run on the United Features Web site, according to the gay professional newsletter “Press Pass Q.” The vice president of comics and graphics for United Media, Amy Lago, says the strip will begin running on on May 8 to see whether interest can be generated in the mainstream press. Lago confesses, “I honestly haven’t got a clue. I do know there are a lot of markets that will say they won’t be interested, but I think we might have some major metros and alternatives. Whether there’s enough interest to support it remains to be seen.” Creator Paige Braddock, who also works as a creative director for Charles Schulz’s studio, hopes the strip will become the Ellen of the comics page. Braddock says, “It’s like a snapshot of who your circle of friends might be, how screwed up their lives are—it’s not very political.”

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