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WATCH: Exclusive Look at Gay Israeli Love Story Yossi

WATCH: Exclusive Look at Gay Israeli Love Story Yossi

Director Eyton Fox tugged at our heartstrings Yossi & Jagger, a moving film about gay Israeli soldiers in love, in 2002 and now the filmmaker has returned to his fictional world with the follow-up Yossi.

Starring Ohad Knoller (The Bubble, Yossi & Jagger, Munich), Oz Zehavi (Asfur, a hit Israeli TV series), Lior Ashkenazi (Walk on Water, Footnote, Late Marriage), and Orly Silbersatz (Broken Wings), Yossi continues the tale Yossi Hoffman and is described by The New York Times as the “story of a lonely man reawakened by the possibility of new love.”

The official synopsis describes the film:

Ten years after Yossi & Jagger, the tragic love story of two men serving in the Israel Defense Forces who fall in love, director Eytan Fox returns to find out what has happened with Yossi. Dr. Yossi Hoffman has become a valued and dedicated cardiologist, often using his work as a way to escape from dealing with his anguished life. He lives alone, still closeted, unable to break through the walls and defenses built around him since the death of his lover. Even his coworkers — a recently divorced doctor, who tries to sweep Yossi into his world of women and drugs, and a lonely nurse, who is secretly in love with him — find it almost impossible to get close to him. His daily routine at the hospital is shaken up by the arrival of a mysterious woman. He follows her, and through the surprising connection they make, receives a rare opportunity to deal with his trauma. Yossi then travels to the southern city of Eilat. Surrounded by the sea and sand dunes, he meets a group of young Israeli officers, among them Tom, a handsome and self-confident openly gay man, who represents a new world, different from the one that shaped Yossi.

Available on DVD May 21 from Strand Releasing Home Entertainment, Yossi was the opening night film of the Tribeca Film Festival and was also an official selection of the Outfest, Newfest, Philadelphia, and Montreal film festivals.

Watch the trailer and an exclusive clip from the film below.

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