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GLAAD Slams Azealia Banks

GLAAD Slams Azealia Banks

Bisexual rapper Azealia Banks's half-apologies and back-pedaling for using a gay slur on Twitter aren't flying with many, including the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

The watchdog group released a statement about Banks's use of a slur to describe gay blogger Perez Hilton, who she sparred with on Twitter this weekend. Of the many insults Banks lobbed at Hilton, the worst was when she called him a "messy fa**ot."

"Regardless of her intent or her personal definition, what matters is the meaning given to that word by those who hear it, and the damage it causes when they do," GLAAD said in a statement. "Undoubtedly there are gay kids who follow her on Twitter who hear this word in an entirely different context. This word is used almost universally by bullies, often as part of a larger verbal or physical assault. This word hurts those kids, no matter what Banks meant by it."

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