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WATCH: You're Cute for a Black Guy Skewers Gay Dating World

WATCH: You're Cute for a Black Guy Skewers Gay Dating World


The gay dating world isn't easy, particularly if you're black, says a new Outfest documentary.

A new short documentary is shining a spotlight on the difficulties involved in dating for gay black men.

The short, You're Cute for a Black Guy, debuted last weekend at Outfest Fusion, a Los Angeles film festival that showcases LGBT people of color.

The film features first-person accounts of the real-life outrageous comments made by white men during courtship, such as "I'm not really into ethnic guys," "Will you be my n-----?" and "I've totally never dated a black person before, but if I did, I totally would get with you."

The filmmaker, Cameron Johnson, told The Huffington Post he made the film "because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't crazy."

"I couldn't be the only gay black man who white dates have said insane things to, so I ventured to find others who shared my experiences," Johnson said. "What I discovered is that my story isn't uncommon, it's just untold."

"I hope that my work will help to broaden the discussions of what it looks like to be a gay man in 2015 and give people insight into worlds they haven't understood. Also, seriously never say any of these things to black men again."

Johnson's past work includes Try This Instead, a Web series that also addresses race issues. Episode titles include "Don't Touch My Hair," "Don't Tell Me I'm Not Really Black," and "Don't Shoot Us."

One of the subjects of You're Cute for a Black Guy, Ean Weslynn, is also known for a comedic Web series that delves into the diffulties of gay dating life: Day Drunk Gays, which recently satirized same-sex marriage.

Watch You're Cute For a Black Guy below. And follow Cameron Johnson on Twitter @CameronJAwesome.

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