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Task Force Removes Controversial Bisexuality Post, Apologizes

Task Force Removes Controversial Bisexuality Post, Apologizes

The National LGBTQ Task Force has issued an apology for a blog post that drew criticism from many bisexual activists and commentators, and has removed the post.

In the article, leadership programs director Evangeline Weiss said she is ready “to say bye bye to the word bisexuality.” She said it does not describe her sexual orientation, and she encouraged readers to cease using the word as well, as she felt it reinforced a binary concept of gender.

Several commentators objected to the post, which was published September 23, Celebrate Bisexuality Day (also known as Bisexual Awareness Day). They said they recognize Weiss’s right to identify in any way that suits her, but added that she should not impose her view on people who do identify as bisexual. They also took issue with her assertion that the word supported the gender binary.

The Task Force published an apology on its blog today. “In raising multiple personal perspectives during Bisexual Awareness Week, we published many items — one which was a blog called ‘Bye Bye Bi, Hello Queer,’” Task Force officials wrote. “It was one of the blogs published on Bisexual Awareness Day. Having listened to a wide array of feedback on the timing and content, we recognize that this blog offended people. For this we sincerely apologize. It has been removed. Our commitment as we move forward with our partners in the bisexual community is to continue to raise awareness of the realities and history of the bisexual community and bisexual people’s lives.”


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