Regarding Iceman’s Big Gay Make-Out

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In Marvel Comics’ All New X-Men #17, the teenage Iceman character scored his first gay kiss. And it only took 54 years!

It’s been a romantic queer moment that fans of the mutant hero have been waiting for since he came out two year ago in Uncanny X-Men #600. Iceman and his goofy wit have been kicking around comics ever since he debuted in X-Men #1 back in 1963. In fact, due to a time-travel storyline (there are actually two Icemen running around the Marvel universe at the moment), it is this very same 1960s-era young Iceman who has finally broken barriers by locking lips with a young Inhuman named Romeo.

While current adult Iceman has yet to taken on a gay love life — something that will hopefully change in his first-ever ongoing solo series, coming this spring — teenage Iceman is following his heart and running away with his first boyfriend.

The Advocate sat down with All New X-Men writer Dennis Hopeless to discuss the triumphant kiss and his feelings on writing a queer romance within a big X-Men multi-issue crossover event.

The Advocate: You inherited the All New X-Men title right after Iceman came out to his fellow mutants. Did you feel pressure to continue to explore his new status as a gay character?
Hopeless: I didn’t feel any pressure, no, but it’s not as though I needed a push. My primary overarching theme for the series was always escaping one’s destiny.

The teenage X-Men traveled forward in time and were wildly disappointed by their adult selves. In most cases that disappointment was very rooted in supe heroics. Cyclops had become a morally questionable revolutionary. Jean Grey merged with a genocidal intergalactic firebird. Beast was now giant furry blue mad-scientist monster. But in Bobby’s case, adult Iceman is a grown man who has not yet accepted his homosexuality. His closest friends don’t even know.

Adult Bobby never faced his biggest fear. He never stopped hiding. He never unburdened himself of this huge lie or question or whatever. Teenage Bobby sees this sad grown-up version of himself, and it terrifies him. I write comics for the character drama, and that situation is rife with it. I couldn’t wait to explore that story.




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