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Tylenol Includes LGBT Families in Mother's Day Ad


Tylenol is celebrating the diversity of motherhood.

The drug brand, as part of its #HowWeFamily campaign, showcased several LGBT families in a new ad released on YouTube in advance of Mother’s Day.

The heartwarming video includes mother Margaret Ferrill, who is raising a 6-month-old son with her wife.

“I want everything for Gus. I want him to fall madly in love. And I want that feeling returned to him,” Ferrill said in the ad.

A mother of a transgender son also shared her story.

“I love my son. And I want him to be as happy and as healthy and successful as he can be. And whether he is my son or my daughter, it just doesn’t matter. He’s my child,” she said.

Actress Lucy Liu, an ambassador for the campaign, discussed how she has a child through surrogacy, raising awareness of the different kinds of moms and families in the world.

“There’s so much discussion about what’s acceptable, what’s not acceptable. That word shouldn’t even play in the dynamic of family,” Liu stated.

Tylenol encourages others to discuss their own stories of motherhood on social media through the hashtag #HowWeFamily.

Watch the ad below.

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