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Day In Gay America

Young and Gay in America, 2011

Young and Gay in America, 2011


Many of this year's participants in the Day in Gay America project were in their teen years or early twenties,  perhaps living it differently than those who came before them.

9:44AM Boston, Mass. The cast and crew of the web series, Brotherhood TV, which focuses on black and latino gay and bisexual young men. "A lot of our viewers consider us 'The Gay View'" says Amir. "This was just taken during a discussion about Casey Anthony, Boys Town and Dear Brother Letters!"

10:00AM Los Angeles Visiting activists from China say farewell on their last day with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. The Center's Emerging Leaders Program brings emerging activists from China to Los Angeles, where they learn valuable skills and gain experience that will serve them in their roles at the vanguard of China's LGBT movement.

10:04AM Southern California Student Brian Ingalls, 20, heads down the 10 freeway for his third year of college in Northern Arizona.

10:43AM Hamburg, Germany Jaime Davila, 25, is on a two-year journey, traveling the world. At month five, Davila takes a moment in Hamburg to record her thoughts in a journal. "I know I may not have been in America when I took this photo, but I am still very proud to be a Gay American as I travel the world." Her travels can be followed at

11:10AM Bowling Green, Ohio Professor Wie Ning revises a paper.

12:30PM San Diego, Calif. Educator Bobby Dennison says he stays happy and sane at his job by staying fit.

12:37PM San Jose, Calif. Michael Reinken, 24, and his boyfriend Guillermo squeeze in a quick coffee date at the local Starbucks before heading to work.

1:00PM Roxboro, N.C. Full-time students J.R. Elliott, right, 24 and David Ford, 32, scrub up before a day of classes.

1:10PM Cambridge, Mass. Aaron Franklin, 26, heads home after an early day at work.

1:30PM Forest Park, N.Y. Nicole Rivera uses her artistic skills to create landscapes and abstract art pieces. "It helps me keep an eye out for the beauty in scenery, and the small things others don't notice when they're walking by something as beautiful as a green park," she says.

2:07PM Ft. Myers, Fla. Jay Teran and his best friend Jelisa walk to his car after finishing their first week as high school seniors. "I am always laughing and goofing around while she is the more serious one of the two, but nevertheless we are the best of friends and love each other dearly," Teran says. "I don't think my high school years would be the same without her."

2:34PM West Hollywood, Calif. Krystal Hanna attempts to enjoy some Mexican food after getting braces. Sadly, she says she was only able to eat corn chowder.

5:30PM Columbus, Ohio "This photo means something to me because I can be out and about rockin' my skin tight cord-kaki shorts, while wearing a shirt that aptly screams I'm gay; and I feel completely comfortable and proud. There is a lot of positive buzz about Columbus and it's gay-friendliness; and I love it. A lot of it has come from countless individuals, before myself, and like myself: putting ourselves 'out there,' and letting it be known. This is Columbus, Ohio, and this, this, ( second this should be in italics) is me, and baby I was born this way. -- Miles Horton

5:40PM Eugene, Ore. University of Oregon psychology doctoral student Ryan Robinson finishes a Bikram Yoga class. "It is my daily dose of Bikram yoga that helps to alleviate the stress that life throws my way and reconnects me with my mind, body, and spirit," the 25-year-old says.

6:30PM Durham, N.C. Lauren Fuller, her daughter Ariel, and her partner Angela at the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Durham, NC.

7:14PM State College, Pa. Grad student Christopher Ojeda, 24, and a friend finish their day working at Barnes and Noble before heading downtown to meet some friends for drinks.

9:11PM Paulding, Ohio Austin Drake take a break after a long day by reading a book and listening to some music.

9:31PM San Francisco "Mostly gay Chris [Prouty] with his mostly straight ladyfriend Ania, enjoying what little sun gurgles through in San Francisco," he says.

10:02PM Modesto, Calif. Alan Eckert, 27, participates in a sleep study, since his parter is worried about the way he breaths as he sleeps. "I snore very badly, and I apparently stop breathing quite often," he says. "I wouldn't have known this if my husband didn't complain about it -- and he does very often. It especially worries him a lot when I don't breath which he notices, but I don't."

10:30PM San Rafael, Calif. After watching Glee the 3D Concert Movie, Mark Kealhofer kicks back with friends.

11:10PM Astoria Park, N.Y. Ryan Lammer with his boyfriend of 5 years. "I can truly say that I've met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with." he says.

11:20PM Stamford, Conn. Lily Verona, 18, practices her guitar skills by playing Sublime's "What I Got."

11:29PM Charlotte, N.C. Sondra Newton loves spending evenings with her nieces Tanaja and Brielle, for whom she is also a partial guardian, and her dog Rogue. Here, the gang watches an episode of Spongebob Square Pants. "As a member of the LGBT community, it is imperative that I teach my girls tolerance, acceptance, and to stand up and fight for the rights of everyone," she says.


11:47PM Seattle Marley Blonsky tries to catch a glimpse of a passing meteor shower.

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