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A Day in Gaylarious America

Peter DeppX633

5:00 A.M., Nashville,Tenn.: Peter Depp is winning a one man pie eating contest.

Kristen BeckerX633

10:00 A.M., Buffalo, N.Y.: Kristen Becker – snuggle time!

Scott BackmanX633

11:02 A.M., Los Angeles: Scott Backman is multitasking, driving and primping.


11:12 A.M.: H. Alan Scott is on OkCupid at chemo. "Hopefully I won't have to ask in a date, 'Does this taste funny or is it just my chemo?'"

Erin FoleyX633

11:35 A.M., Lake Tahoe, Calif.: Erin Foley tells us, "I had to go to Ross to buy a hat, a scarf, and some gloves before my shows at The Improv at Harvey’s. We got seven inches of unexpected snow!"

Dana GoldbergX633

12:00 P.M., West Hollywood, Calif.: Dana Goldberg is staying hydrated at the Annual Lesbian Field Day.

Jason DudeyX633

12:30 P.M., Los Angeles: Jason Dudey: "A little mani-pedi never hurt a stand up comedian. I need pretty hands to hold the mic and I work on my feet. It's a rough life."

Brad LoekleX633

1:00 P.M., Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:  Brad Loekle judging the sandcastle competition as a 'bathing beauty' for Atlantis Events at The Hard Rock Hotel. "Why yes, that IS a banana in my bathing suit."

Ian AberX633

2:30 P.M., Atlanta: Shooting a sketch at Laughing Skull Lounge. Bob Place checks the shot, Ben Evans gets ready for his close up, and Ian Aber makes sure the scarf is tight.

Alec MapaX633

3:14 P.M., Road trip to SF from LA: "My husband Jamison Hebert, my son Zion Joseph Hebert-Mapa and me." — Alec Mapa

Poppy ChamplinX633

4:00 P.M., Rhode Island: "I was on my way to pick up my mother to take her to her cousin’s memorial service and saw this woman walking her horse. It came up to the window and gave me a kiss!" — Poppy Champlin

Adam Sank02X633

7:00 P.M., Hell’s Kitchen, N.Y.:  Adam Sank, preparing his award-winning quiche.

Thai Riverax633

8:00 P.M., El Paso, Texas.: Thai Rivera performs at Comic Strip in El Paso during the night's first show.

Frank LiottiX633

8:15 P.M., New York City: Frank Liotti deals with a heckler at Caroline's on Broadway.

Christy EidsonX633

8:15 P.M., Nashville, Tenn.: Christy Eidson turns another guy gay. You’re welcome world.

Jeffrey JayX633

9:00 P.M., Dallas, Texas: Jeffrey Jay got appendicitis today and had to have emergency surgery. Feels great!

Jenny McNulty Onboard Epic White PartyX633

10:00 P.M., Somewhere in the Eastern Carribean: Jenny McNulty performs onboard Sweet Cruise Lines. It looks like most people are enjoying their vacation.


ChrisDoucette 633

11:00 p.m., Los Angeles, Calif.: Chris Doucette offers a comedian’s point of view at the LA Comedy Festival.

Alison EgertX633

11:30 P.M., Dallas, Texas: Comic Alison Egert uses a designated driver after partying like a low-rent rockstar. She apologizes because “straight boy can’t hang.” Garrett Wilkerson pictured, right.

Jami SmithX633

11:45 P.M., Brooklyn, N.Y. Jami Smith teaches her dog about the history of comedy. She only pays attention for the dirty jokes.

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