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Cruz Tells Evangelicals He Can Reverse Marriage Equality


Hoping to drum up support in the early primary state of South Carolina, Ted Cruz told evangelicals there on Saturday he would continue to "fight" same-sex marriage.

The Texas senator spoke at a "rally for religious freedom" at Bob Jones University, a fundamentalist Christian college in Greenville.

“[Marriage equality] is not settled,” an impassioned Cruz said of the Supreme Court's decision this year to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. “It’s not the law of the land. It’s not the Constitution. It’s not legitimate, and we will stand and fight.”

Without naming names, Cruz took a swipe at other Republican presidential candidates who consider the issue of marriage equality over, calling it "sad" that some have said, "move on." 

Read more at Greenville Online.

Cruz, now near the top of most polls, is possibly the most conservative of the GOP candidates. Besides proudly racking up endorsements by antigay leaders, Cruz recently appeared at a conference hosted by a pastor who, at the event, advocated the killing of gay people.


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