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Visit Berlin's Ballroom Scene in the Nine-Minute Documentary Safe 


Can't travel? Visit the ballroom scene of Berlin from the comfort of your own home.

Leo Adef has released a nine-minute documentary, Safe, in which the director shines a spotlight on queer people of color involved in this community.

Premiering 30 years after the groundbreaking production Paris Is Burning, which centered on the New York City ballroom scene, Adef's film is an exploration of gender, dance, beauty, identity, and more in present-day Germany from the perspective of five ballroom personalities.

"Ballroom has been for decades a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPoC community," Adef said in a statement to The Advocate. "Ballroom means love, community, self-confidence, and freedom of expression. It is a care network that is fighting for a better future with more diversity and respect."

Watch an exclusive clip of the doc above, and the full version of Safe below.

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