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Don Lemon Blasts Trump for 'Dancing on Graves' to Gay Anthem 'YMCA'


Don Lemon took President Trump to task for "dancing on the graves" of COVID-19 victims to the tune of the Village People's "YMCA."

The gay CNN anchor blasted the Republican for bragging at a packed Florida rally about the expert medical care he has received, including a staff of 14 doctors. Trump was hospitalized for the deadly coronavirus strain a little over a week ago at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center but has since returned to the campaign trail and boasted of a full recovery.

"Fourteen doctors, huh? Do you have 14 doctors? Can you even see a doctor? Do you have health insurance? 'Fourteen doctors surrounding me.' Really?" said an incredulous Lemon. "Now you have a pre-existing condition, Mr. President, like millions of other Americans. But they can't get 14 doctors and the best medicine and a helicopter ride to the hospital."

"Two hundred and fifteen thousand Americans are dead. Many of them died alone or at home. Most of them didn't have to die as a result of a president whose deadly dereliction of duty that cannot be erased."

As Lemon was narrating, a clip of Trump dancing to the gay anthem at the rally played alongside him. "Yeah, see, I'm reading something serious and look what's happening," said Lemon, who mimicked Trump's dance moves for a few moments. "That can't be taken away no matter how many times he goes to rallies and dances to the Village People."

"You know, they play that song like every night at every gay bar across America," Lemon added. "And last night I think it was 'Macho Macho Man' and that one too. You cannot write this stuff.  But he is having fun and dancing. On the graves of 215,000 Americans. Dancing."

"YMCA" and "Macho Man" have become staples at Trump's rallies. Village People front man Victor Willis, who swore in a September Facebook post that the lyrics are not about gay sex, had one request for the president when he played the former. “I’m not going to have my lawyers sue the president,” Willis stated. “But he should at least do the ‘YMCA’ dance while he’s at it."

In the clip played by Lemon, Trump did not do the "YMCA" dance, which is the formation of the song title's letters with one's arms. Rather, he opted to move his fists to the beat.

Watch the clip from CNN Tonight With Don Lemon below.

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