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Sodomy Charges
Against N.C. Men Dropped

Charges of crimes
against nature were dropped against two men who were
arrested for having consensual sex in Raleigh, N.C.

Nelson Keith
Sloan, 39, and Ryan Christopher Flynn, 25, were each charged
with crimes against nature last Saturday after Sloan called
police to report that he had been assaulted by
Flynn, according to the News & Observer
newspaper. Sexual assault charges were not filed, but
Flynn was charged for assault for biting Sloan on the
lip. He said he had to pay $450 to be released from jail.

Though the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas
case that consensual gay sex is not a punishable
offense, North Carolina still classifies sodomy as an
illegal activity, as it also does cohabitation.

"I am grateful
that the DA's office has a better understanding of the
constitution than the Raleigh police department," Sloan said
in a statement on Friday. "However, as long as this
law remains on the books, it is a crime punishable by
an arrest, a stay in jail, media attention, and a fine
of $450."

According to the
article, Raleigh police were told that they could
continue to arrest gay men for having public sex, but not
sex in private spaces. Police spokesperson Jim Sughrue
said the distinction would be further reinforced with
officers. (The Advocate)

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