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Sandra Bernhard: GOP Is So Antiwomen, It's Unprecedented

Sandra Bernhard: GOP Is So Antiwomen, It's Unprecedented


Actress and comedian Sandra Bernhard, who is never shy about her political views, says the antiwomen rhetoric now being pushed by the Republican Party represents "a whole new level of ignorance" that is unprecedented in history.

Among other things, Bernhard was reacting to presidential candidate Rick Santorum's belief that states have the legal standing to ban birth control, and his personal view that birth control is wrong.

"When I was a kid, you know, the feminists were out and people were activated," she said on Current TV's Young Turks, "even then the level of discourse was much higher and much more intellectual. Now we have these people who don't really know the facts, aren't interested in them, are totally reacting from this place of fear. I've never seen anything like it."

Santorum (who Bernhard calls "Sick Rantorum") was one of many Republicans who attacked President Obama for what they said was a policy forcing Catholic hospitals and other Catholic businesses to pay for women's birth control. A compromise announced by the president made clear that insurance companies would foot the bill, not the Catholic Church or its businesses. Bernhard seemed fine with the compromise but still stuck it to the Republicans for what she said is antiwomen rhetoric that will lead to the Democrats taking the back the House.

Watch the video below.

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