Nigerian Beaten for Sex With a Man 7 Years Ago

Nigerian Beaten for Sex With a Man 7 Years Ago

A man in Nigeria was beaten by authorities this week for having had sex with another man seven years ago.

Mubarak Ibrahim, 20, was punished for retroactively violating a law that President Goodluck Jonathan signed earlier this month, which criminalizes homosexuality and bans same-sex marriages. While Ibrahim would have been a minor at the time, the BBC report did not disclose the terms under which he had sexual contact with another male.

Most parts of northern Nigeria have adopted Islamic law, or Sharia, which says Ibrahim could also be stoned to death. However, because the incident occurred seven years ago, the judge presiding over the case said he took that into account in determining the man's punishment. In addition to 20 lashes, Ibrahim was also ordered to pay a fine of about $30.

According to the BBC, Ibrahim was whipped in the court with a animal skin smeared in oil. He screamed in pain as the lashes came down on his back in a packed courtroom.

He is one of several men who were arrested in the weeks leading up to the signage of the bill. Eleven men in total are facing death under Islamic law, and a 12th man, who is Christian, would be punished under secular law.

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