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Halloween Costume Ideas for LGBT Families

Halloween Costume Ideas for LGBT Families


Unsure of what to dress as this Halloween? Here are some traditional and nontraditional ideas for you and yours.

Halloween is approaching, and both parents and kids are deciding what costume to pick out for the spooky holiday. There are the traditional costumes, such as ghosts and witches, for families to wear. But Halloween 2013 offers LGBT families a special opportunity to celebrate civil rights victories and show support for the variety of cultures, genders, and personalities that make up our colorful community. Here are some thoughts for both parents and kids:

Now that most of the Defense of Marriage Act is gone and marriage is legal in 14 states and the District of Columbia, why not dress your child as a ghost bride or groom! You can even customize the costumes with flair from your part of the country -- for example, a dead California surfer bride, vampire Iowa farm groom, or zombie New York City socialite couple.

In celebration of the marriage victories the LGBT community scored in 2013 you could dress as Edie Windsor, the heroine behind he U.S. Supreme Court's ruling against section 3 of DOMA. You or your child will need to score a smart blazer, some bling, a fun-colored button-up shirt, and fabulous teased hair.

It never hurts to show that your child is proud of Mom or Dad's service in the military. This Army fatigue costume is great for kids who want to be like their parents and celebrate the diversity of those who serve our country.

Your son or daughter may be too young to know about Sex and the City, but that doesn't mean he or she can't experience the fun of trick-or-treating with you, a sibling, or a friend as Carrie and Samantha from The Carrie Diaries. This Valley Girl costume is a great start, or you can create your own outfit by digging through your closet for anything from the '80s.

Do you and your family like science fiction? Well, Spock, the Vulcan know-it-all from Star Trek, is played by out actor Zachary Quinto. Show your support for him and all the other explorers going where no one has gone before by donning a Starfleet uniform.

You can't have Halloween without superheroes. I remember whirling in circles and banging my wrists together, hoping that I'd magically turn into Wonder Woman. Your child can too! This great example of a strong woman serves as a role model for both boys and girls. Feel free to customize her costume for any gender or leave it as is and have fun with the whirling dress! If your child prefers tights to skirts, then maybe instead you choose Batman's sidekick Robin. Your tween can show how she or he plans to save Gotham City in this outfit based on the caped crusader's comics.

Your son interested in cheerleading but unsure whether he wants to go out in a full uniform? He can choose this Spartan cheerleading outfit from Saturday Night Live's sketch about high school cheerleaders and be true to himself and still have fun! And for girls looking for a more masculine costume, there's always the handy construction worker option.

Who doesn't like Liza Minnelli? This website has detailed all the elements needed to re-create the costume she wore in Academy Award-winning performance in the musical Cabaret. You child can dress and sing up and down the streets!

If all else fails, and you want to show your rainbow pride, think about a Crayola crayon costume set for the entire family. This option fits families large and small and is suitable for children and parents of all ages.

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