Obama: Religious Freedom Bill Fight Not Over

Obama: Religious Freedom Bill Fight Not Over

President Barack Obama warned that the fight against laws like Arizona's vetoed proposal to allow business owners the right to discriminate on the basis of their religious beliefs was far from over.

In a speech to the Democratic National Committee, hitting upon economic equality, gender equality, and health care, Obama mentioned that there were several other states — like Kansas, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Tennessee — which are still considering similar laws.

“Freedom is the ability to go into a store and a restaurant and know that you won't be refused service because of who you are or who you love,” he said, according to Politico.

He added, "As Democrats, we've let the other side define the word freedom for too long. Freedom doesn't mean the ability to ask, 'What's in it for me?' Freedom isn't, 'I've got no obligations to anybody, I've got no responsibility for anybody.'"

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