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The Resistance Fighters Who Will Stand Up to the Deplorables

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In the wake of Donald Trump's election as president — something we can still hardly believe — we've been encouraged by the progressive voices rising against Trump and his agenda. Here we take a look at some of the folks who'll help protect us against those we've called "the deplorables," borrowing a phrase from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This is not an exhaustive list, and we're sure many more will join in, including Clinton herself and the Obamas, once that "peaceful transition of power" period is over. Look over the list and feel free to let us know about others you think we can count on.

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Shaun King

New York Daily News columnist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has launched a project called the DJT Resistance. For starters, the project’s website is calling for a boycott of Trump’s hotels and other companies whose owners, founders, or executives supported his candidacy — including PayPal, cofounded by gay entrepreneur Peter Thiel. Among the others are Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Pep Boys, Herbalife, MillerCoors, and two sports teams, the NFL’s New England Patriots and Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs, who recently won their first World Series since 1908. (You may have mixed feelings about the Cubs, though, as co-owner Laura Ricketts, a lesbian, supported Hillary Clinton while other Ricketts family members were Trump partisans, and club president Theo Epstein was a Clinton backer as well.) In any case, King’s effort to hit Trump and his supporters in the pocketbook is a worthy one. “Now, in the days ahead, many of these companies will say, ‘But our company does not actually endorse political candidates,’” the website reads. “When your CEO or Chairman or primary investor makes a public endorsement, or gives millions of dollars to fund Donald Trump, they deserve to be held accountable for that public position. We MUST make our money stand for the values and the people that we believe in. Otherwise, we are funding the very oppression, bigotry, and discrimination that we claim to hate.” Look for King to stand up to Trump in the pages of the Daily News too.


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